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Secluded Rainforest Surf Retreat Big Island Hawaii


Looking for warm water and uncrowded waves to surf? Read on and book your secluded rainforest surf retreat on the Big Island of Hawaii…

I live in a remote area of Hawaii on the Big Island that’s not really known for the waves. However, since I’ve been here I’ve found some magical surf spots that I really don’t want to share with anyone.


Because these places are sacred to me and to the people that surf here regularly. It’s an unwritten rule that you don’t blow up this spot (aka tell all of your friends, family, post on social media, etc.). So I have no intention of letting the world know how amazing it is here. In fact I probably shouldn’t even be writing this post right now.

And this post may come down at anytime…

But in the meantime I’m opening up my house to anyone who wants to come out and surf uncrowded, 78 degree, tropical, blue-green, peeling waves tucked away deep in a rainforest that you’ll never find without me =P

Here’s what you get if you want in:

  • A studio all to yourself detached from my house
  • Surfboards to use (or bring your own)
  • A driver to shuttle you around to where the waves are (me)
  • A surf buddy (me again)
  • Clean water
  • Peace, quiet, and serenity outside of your sliding door
  • Snorkel gear if needed
  • Directions to all of the best hikes in the area
  • Flowing lava close by
  • Any other request? You name it, I’ll set you up…

Waves are very consistent year around and it doesn’t matter how good you are at surfing, there’s a spot for you either way. This isn’t open for everyone so don’t be disappointed if I turn you away. You must come here with a lot of respect and be humble. That’s all I ask.

Price is $150 per night per person. $1,000 for 8 days per person. 3 People max in the studio.

Too much? Nah this trip is priceless. Once in a lifetime. Come get it…

This is for the right person/small group. Feel free to reach out to me and we can talk more details.

Love Always,

Kyle Quinlan