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Love Always

You have the ability to make a choice every second of every day. Choose love always. This lesson has the potential to transform your life in all ways. All you have to do is absorb this information and then begin to put it into practice.

How to Love Always…

I think it’s safe to say that we all feel love at certain times. For example, when you’re around family, when you’re holding a puppy in your lap, when you have a deep conversation with a good friend, or anytime things just feel like they’re going your way. Good feelings surge through your body and positive thoughts fill your mind. At these moments it’s easy to say “I love you” to yourself and really feel it. I challenge you to try it next time you’re in a really good mood. It’s easy.

On the flip side, when things aren’t going your way the feeling of love is far, far away. The boss yells at you at work; you feel worthless. You’re preparing for an important speech; nervous tension takes over your body. Your dog takes a crap on your pillow; anger brews inside of you. It’s in these moments where the words “I Love You” are so important!

The ‘Love Always’ Action Step:

When I say love always, I mean LOVE ALWAYS! Next time you’re feeling a little funky, stop and take a minute to focus on your breath. After a minute of breathing, focus on where these negative feelings are coming from. Once you have even the slightest feeling inside of your body send some love there by just saying “I love you”. Repeat it, over and over again, “I love you!”. This may be the hardest thing in the world to do and it may even seem impossible. Do it anyways!

In my opinion each one of us has a mission here on Earth. If this mission statement was written out it would read “learn how to love all parts of yourself”. For me that means the angry Kyle, the depressed Kyle, the scared Kyle, the sad Kyle etc.. Rather than neglect these parts of myself, rather than spewing hatred towards them, in these moments of negative energy I try to make a point to slow down and just say “I love you”.

Do I do it every time? Not at all! It’s a practice…

It just so happens that I DO practice and I can tell you 100% that it’s had a dramatic impact on my life. Not only do I feel much more at peace with myself, but it’s had a direct effect on my relationships making it easier to love ALL things unconditionally. And what keeps me excited is that I have so much room to improve. I still beat myself up constantly, but more and more I’ve been catching myself in the act of self abuse and I simply throw a little love my way. I’m committed to the practice of loving all aspects of me.

Practice Makes Perfect

Practice every day. Make it a priority. Feel the love when you’re having an awesome day. Forcefully love yourself even when you feel no love inside of you. Practice it until it becomes natural to love even the darkest parts of yourself. After all, that’s what makes you you! And overall you love yourself right? Right. Then make sure to give extra attention to the parts of you that need your love the most…

And every time that you read something on this website, when you get to the end where I sign my name at the bottom, let it be a reminder to love always. Let it be a reminder to deepen YOUR practice of self-love. It’s no coincidence that I sign everything this way, nor is it just a random way to end the post. It’s much more…

It reminds ME, Love is a choice. Let it be a reminder to you too. Choose love always!  Then watch your life transform in all ways.

Love Always,

Kyle Quinlan


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