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Do What You Love. Heal The World.


beautiful-hawaii-beach-big-islandYou have one job in this lifetime and that’s to do more of what you love. Yes, it’s this simple… Do more of what makes you feel Alive! Then when you’re in that energy create something that only YOU can create! This is your mission here on Earth and my purpose is to help you CONNECT to it.

What does this have to do with Healing?


Everything! Alignment lies at the core of healing. When you’re in alignment with a mission greater than yourself and you immerse yourself in things that you truly love to do, you allow a healing energy to overcome you. You start to move through life more naturally. You’re breathing patterns change. Your stress eases but doesn’t disappear completely, and that’s a good thing! Now you embrace the stress and channel it into healthy outlets where you unleash your unique creative genius.


But I’m healthy, I don’t need to be healed.


Let’s be honest, almost all of us are living in a very unnatural state and it can be felt! On a global level it can be witnessed as the deterioration of planet Earth. On a smaller scale it can be noticed by a simple lack of energy. Healing is not weakness. Acknowledging the need for Healing is an awareness that leads to great strength.


This is not the typical approach to healing…


The bottom line is that when it comes to healing, almost everybody is focusing on the wrong things!


I believe in the holistic approach for sure, but the core of healing lies in the truth that you need to listen to your body FIRST. This inevitably leads to doing more of the things that you love to do!

And this is going to continue to be my message until the end of time…

When you align yourself properly and you start taking massive action in the right direction, the holisticly healthy lifestyle comes naturally. For example:

  • You feel the need to create more energy as a means to pursue your passions so you focus on what you eat.
  • You get more energy from your diet and you have an urge to let the excess energy out in healthy ways so you dive back into that childhood hobby.
  • You ooze with the new found energy from once again doing what you love and you take this energy with you everywhere you go.
  • You start connecting with the right people and create a community around you that pulls you up instead of pushes you down.
  • You automatically start thinking the right thoughts and the positivity that comes from it leads to more efficient action.

And on and on. A continuous loop. A circuit that continually charges itself through right action.


The approach will always be holistic, the starting point is what changes…


kyle-surfing-big-island-hawaiiStart with figuring out what you truly love to do and DO MORE OF IT!

Let me give you an example to make this concept real simple:

In June of 2016 I moved from San Diego to Hawaii. I didn’t quite know what to do with myself at first, but I soon discovered the secret: Figure out what you love to do the most and do more of it! It turns out that for me it’s Surfing. And as unproductive as that may seem, it’s led to some of the most profound insights, the most amazing connections, and the greatest natural flow that I’ve ever experienced.

Surfing is my Creative Artform! I literally feel like I’m painting a canvas when I’m on the wave and within all of the natural elements I’m 100% present! 

Surfing is a creative art for me in the sense that it allows me to RELEASE and at the same time it charges me up. In the process it feels sooo good to openly share my energy with everyone else in the water. In surfer terminology, we’re all just stoked to be out there, and when you surf with the right people you can feel it! There’s a vibe that travels through the water and you know it’s there because of the smiles on faces, the hoots and hollers, and the stillness in between…big-island-hawaii-surfing

Yet there’s another aspect to all of this. I’m able to carry that “stoke” with me for the rest of the day, week, or month. Anytime I’m feeling a little low on energy my body knows it needs a recharge, so I listen and go surf.

My mission in this lifetime is not just to surf as much as possible… My mission is to take the energy that I get from surfing to provide a service to humanity that will help make a positive impact on this plane for years to come. And the cool thing about it is that as I write this right now, I’m also getting charged up! This is MY creative genius flowing out of me as a result of connecting myself to a purpose greater than myself!

So these two things work synergistically and I continue use them as tools, not only for my own healing but for the healing of the world as a whole. I envision my energy going off into a universal pool that reaches out into infinity effecting anything and everything in it’s path. To what extent I’ll have an impact on the world I have no idea and that’s not for me to know. I focus on what I have control over and that’s my own energy. I guard my personal Life Force like a martial artist and project what feels right out into the world.


What does this all mean for you?


To be honest, I can’t answer that question. All I can say is that if you resonate with this message at all, I’m here for you. In fact I would argue that it’s now confirmed we’re on the same mission. I wholeheartedly welcome anyone into my circle that resonates with this message. I highly recommend that you leave a comment below, email me, reach out to me personally on social media, or do whatever it takes just let me know that you feel me! =)

As time goes on I’ll continue to be here for you at deeper and deeper levels…

All that I ask of you right now is to tune into your natural knowing. Contemplate life and what it’s all about. Figure out what you love to do and do it. Become alive again and share that energy with the world!


Love Always,

Kyle Quinlan

Hawaii Healing Adventures