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Adventure Into the Hawaiian Forest

I moved to Hawaii to get away from the noise. What I’m finding is that noise follows me wherever I go, it’s just a little quieter now.

You don’t have to move to Hawaii to find your quiet space, but since I already did this is my journey…


Life Lessons – Studying Medicine in the Forest

So here I am in the middle of the Forest. Besides normal life stuff, my path has been filled with studying medicine and connecting with other awesome people who are on a similar journey.

This isn’t MY story. This is THE story passed down from the beginning of time that we’re ALL trying to tell. It’s inside you, it’s inside me, and it’s inside of every human alive. The question is how are you going to tell your version of this ancient story?? I’ll give you a hint, it lies in your creative flow and your art…

waipio-valley-big-island-hikeThere isn’t a lot of structure when it comes to how to navigate this website and I have a lot to share. So click around, find what resonates most with you and go with YOUR flow:

My Philosophy is: figure out what you love to do and then do more of it. Simple and Awesome. In fact you might even want to try it out.

I’ve learned that the mind is crazy and never shuts up, but there are ways to work WITH it instead of against it. The secrets lies in understanding the Subconscious Mind. Whether you’re looking to create your reality or let go of control, follow me this way…

I think I’m turning into some sort of medicine man. Since I’ve been here I’ve been studying nutrition, testing the best supplements on the market and experimenting with plant medicine. I have some secret weapons in my medicine cabinet that I want to share. Stay tuned…


The Main Message I want to get across though is that I’m always here! I hope you understand where I’m coming from: If you resonate with any message I put out, or if there’s anything you want to talk about, I have time for you!

Until then, I’m out…


Lots of Love,

Kyle Quinlan

Hawaii Healing Adventures